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The Angel of Humour

Angel of Humour 1

Humour – Amour


Angels can help us to relate to different things in life

– everything from connections between people to

understanding the wisdom in experiences we go through.


This beautiful, calm and humorous Angel appeared to me,

telling about God’s grace in form of Humour.

Humour is about seeing things from different perspectives,

and distancing yourself from the situation.


(Righteous) Humour doesn’t hurt,

but it can heal.


In difficult situations humour can be a helpful tool,

that eases pain and makes it easier to cope with challenging issues.


The Angel of Humour is gentle.

Her energy is healing and wise.

She blooms in every colour,

with the scents of water flowers.

We are allowed to ask her help.

She will brighten our daily life,

lighten us with happiness.


I have asked Her help several times lately,

I have to find out ways to prepare myself for the surgery tomorrow.

Right now, I feel quite calm.

We’ll see how I have it tomorrow morning…

At least, I’ll ask her to follow with me and to strengthen me.



The Angel of Peace

Angel of peace

Karl Robert Malmström wrote on the 3rd of January 1881

about the Angel of Peace in a Finnish newspaper Ilmarinen.

There is something similar with this Angel and Malmström’s poem.


I visited last weekend my mother in Northern Finland.

It’s already winter there.

I drove through a beautiful landscape from Sweden (Luleå) to Finnish Lapland.

Trees were powdered by light snow and small lakes were frozen.

I painted this painting before my trip,

but I felt her presence while I was travelling.


Calmness and inner peace are not easy to maintain.

I feel, that I continuously have to ask for help to get into a peaceful mood,

and remind myself of the importance of it.

Praying is the key.

It´s so easy to loose focus.

There are too many negative things happening around us, all the time.

Those happenings are real, and they eat our energy, tore off the sense of security.

Mostly, there is really nothing we can do – except praying.

It sounds quite childish and as a cliché, but it works.

The same way, as painting works for me,

it´s all about connection,

between God and us, that gives us the inner peace.



Poems are difficult to translate,

but I tried to find some words to explain the meaning of his Angel of Peace – a part of it.

Old Finnish language is really challenging to translate…someone else could have done a much better work,

but it´s almost as a prayer,

and I wanted to share it with you.


Please, Visit me, the sweet Angel of Peace!
Come back soon again!
Times have passed by
since your last visit.
How many times have I lost hope,
in turmoil of live,
How many times elation has vanished
since I saw you last time?

It shines already, it brightens,
I feel your grace,
Among the nocturnal clouds
it glistens, your brightness.
You came to earth
as a haven for us;
approaching, with smile
and open arms.

Who are you, the beautiful star,
The tear of evening I suppose? – from far.
Who are you,

a white-flower from Heaven’s spring
I wonder, Who?

Oh, now I know,
I recognize your calm face
Oh, thank you, the Angel of Peace!

When the day turned into evening,
with a cold breeze

and a light wind sighed and sang
the hymn of night for the Creator;
You gave me wings, the Angel of Peace.
And I flew high;
Oh, what a shine and grace
To fly above the world!

Please, Visit me.
With your mighty wings,
loose the troubles of the poor,
ease the burning pain.
Hold your hand over my heart,
Again, give me the garland of Ease
Oh thank you the Angel of Peace,
now, I feel as a child again!

Angelinas Angel

Angelina JolieWhat an unusual meeting!

I was, as quite often these days, painting an angel.

I started with the hair and wings,

when he told me that he was a guardian angel, Angelinas Angel.

I didn’t understand.

I don’t know any Angelina, except that there is an actress with that name.

Then this angel takes her face – except the eyes.

He basically asks me to pray for her.

And the reason is that I know her situation, her physical condition.

I have been there.

I was small, I got a mastectomy because of breast cancer,

and the first solution as a reconstruction

was to operate “a beautiful breast implant” behind the breast muscle…

and it turned out to be a hell.

If you have trained, you have tight tissues and almost no fat in your body,

a big implant can be painful and even debilitate you.

I wish, that is not how she has it.


I want to have just my own material and tissues inside my body.

I decided to go through a latissimus dorsi flap – reconstruction.

It is a big operation, where a flap of skin, fat, muscle, and blood vessels

from upper back is used to reconstruct the breast (in my case 18cm x 8cm).

This flap was moved under my skin around to front of my chest.

Usually it’s combined with a smaller silicon implant,

but I asked for to use my own fat instead (I gained weight just for that).

Removing fat as a method, has been successfully used in Finland during several years,

and I like natural ways to rebuild my body.

I haven’t done that operation yet (it’s on the 5th of December),

but compared to my physical condition with implant, I already feel more than good.


A healthy breast with a silicon implant is completely different from

 a reconstructed breast without any breast tissue and just with an implant,

– totally different.

As I see it, you can’t get soft and natural breast without fat and natural tissue,

building only with silicon implants,

that has to be placed under a tight muscle (to keep them in a right place).


I’m not an expert in this,

I only have my experiences and I’ve been reading a lot about different methods.

I’m not even ready with my operations.

But I can warmly recommend a latissimus dorsi flap – reconstruction.

Nonetheless, I have scars.

If you are afraid to loose your “outside beauty”

and don’t want to have marks after operations,

then it’s not an option.

After the operation, my nurse commented my scars:

– OMG, what a scar. It’s all over your back!

You are basically opened from chest to back!

…OMG, what a stupid commend.

I see these scars as a marks of survival.

I’m still here.

I’m humble.

I haven’t been in cancer control yet,

but I’m still here.



there is a reason for this painting,

even though it’s not totally clear for me.

I´ll remember Angelina in my prayers,

however she feels, where ever she is.

I hope, you could do that too.

She is a mother and wife,

she is in a public eye,

she needs to be strong.

I wish her well.


God’s Warrior Angel

God’s Warrior Angel

Suddenly a multitude of the Heavenly Army appeared with the angel,

praising God and saying

“Glory to God in the highest,

and peace on earth to people who enjoy his favor!”

Luke 2: 13-14


This beautiful, powerful Angel

showed up directly when I got this old oil painting from my neighbours.

I had to paint her at once.

This God’s Warrior Angel took a female form,

which was kind of a surprise for me:

I have seen mostly male Angels as warriors of God.


She is incredibly kind, but at the same time, strong and forceful.

There is no doubt that God’s will will happen, when she works on Earth.

Her wings and her aura have intense gold shine,

and like Archangel Michael, she has a sword.

She protects us against evil and chaos.

She works continuously for mankind and our planet.


He makes his angels winds,and his servants flames of fire.

Heb. 1:7



A little notice about fear:

I had a planned operation tomorrow (“fixing” me after cancer).

I called hospital on Monday and they told me that there was no operation – at all!

First she accused me that I had dreamed up the date of the operation (!),

and I stood just beside her when she wrote my name on the operation calender,

with a real pen, and as she had done before (with my operations before).

Then she told that there are more acute operations that have right to be placed before mine,

– of course, and no problems with that,

but they should have informed me when they took me off the operation list!


Now it seams that I’m going to have operation in the beginning of December.

We’ll see.


This type of mistakes make me feel insecure:

I’m a patient, I’m a patient patient,

I can wait,

but they have to inform me about important things,

they have to take care of me,

to make me feel that they know what they are doing.

I’m not allowed to contact my doctor directly

and I have to rely on the competence of these nurses.

I don’t know if I’m going to be afraid before this operation,

I had mentally prepared myself for tomorrow,

and then nothing is going to happen…

I basically tell myself that I’m going to be operated by a highly professional surgeon,

and I’ll pray for help from God and his angels.

That’s all I can do –

except wait.

And trust.


Prayer of the day:

O my God,

in thee have I trusted.

Yea, none that wait for thee

shall be put to shame.

I am poor and sorrowful:

Let thy salvation,

O God,

set me up on high.


Psalm 25, 69

Halloween fears


Children seems to like scary things.

They have been decorating the whole house

with funny figures that they have made by themselves.

They are amused by facing different type of fears

but, of course, in a safe way.


As an adult, I try to deal wisely with my fears.

Boiled frog eyes and bottled death are probably not the scariest things for me.

But still, kids have a point with their approach:

how to make scary scenarios to feel easier to understand,

how to make them look funny?


I’ll try my limits on that task on Friday,

when I’m going to be operated again.


Halloween time is also about dealing with death.

Expected, unexpected, acceptable, unacceptable ending,

the definite change.

I just talked with my mother about a young man

who was murdered a couple of weeks ago.

She said that it was impossible to find right words

to relieve the pain and sorrow of his parents,

to comfort them.

That kind of loss is not understandable,

it’s unfair.

It feels that he was not ready with his life,

there was so much more to explore and experience,

he has just begun his path.


we don’t know – we can’t always understand.


Or, what about the old lady living close to us:

her only son died last year and she is just waiting to die.

There is nothing to cheer up her anymore.

The pain of loosing the most important person

has taken over her life,

She feels that everything is over.


The most important thing,

sometimes the only one,

is to pray.

We can always send warm thoughts

and pray for help and joy

for people who have difficulties.

We can also ask angels to help,

even with concrete tasks.


and of course,

the change through the death can be a relief

One day I will wipe away
every tear from your eyes.

And I’ll take away all the pain
you have suffered on this earth.
Revelation 21:3-4

Life Guardian Angel – The Gatekeeper of the Earth

LifeGuardian Angel Gatekeeper of the Earth

An angel of the Lord appeared to them,

and the glory of the Lord shone around them,

and they were terrified.

But the angel said to them,

“Do not be afraid.

I bring you good news that will cause great joy

for all the people.”

Luke. 2:9-10


I have been quite busy during the last couple of weeks.

I have, among other things, been working with some paintings,

all at the same time.

This painting has given me a lot of joy,

and brought peace in to my heart.

Which has been needed, indeed,

since we are approaching the period when I was diagnosed with cancer last fall,

and there are some controls and at least one surgery waiting for me.


Painting is a pleasure and a great gift.

Especially, when I’m allowed to see these gorgeous angels

and then even able to paint them.

Every time I paint angels, they effect me strongly:

they bring me a touch of harmony and balance,

joy and grace.

I can’t even put it in words how thankful I am for this contrast,

how easily my sorrows and fears just melt away

and hope, and light happiness takes over.


Best part of this is,

that Angels are available for all of us!

We can ask them to help with all kind of trivial issues in every day life

or help with complicated things.

Once again, I’m asked to write about this.

It is important to ask for help,

and miracles WILL happen!


This painting is about Life Guardian Angels

who are some kind of Gatekeeper Angels for our planet.

These Angels have different tasks and are infinitely important right now.

There are huge changes happening, in many ways and levels on Earth

– and we really need help.

These Angels work with God, to help us

and we can help them with our prayers.

That is actually really easy task:

we ask them to help us to protect our life on Earth


That’s all.


This Gatekeeper Angel is huge and bright,

she took a form of a female angel,

but first I could just see light.


The Prayer of the Day:

Dear Gatekeeper Angels,

I thank you for your important work.

Please, help us to keep our planet healthy,

to understand the importance of it.

Dear Life Guardian Angels,

bring us Peace,

and above all

Help us to help each other.

Thank you,

You Gorgeous Guardian Angels.



The Angel of Lake Rautavesi


I have been in Finland.

I had some work to do there

and I decided to visit my sisters family in the countryside,

close to Nokia (the place where Nokia phones were born).

The surroundings of the Lake  Rautavesi are calm and beautiful.


I stayed in a little sauna cottage just beside the lake.

There were swans swimming close the little jetty, couple of meters from the cottage door.

One mother and six youngsters.

One morning,

I saw someone fishing from his boat in the middle of the lake.

A thin mist surrounded the boat,

and it was totally quiet

You could even hear the small waves clapping the boats in a close by cove.

The mist disappeared slowly

when the sun rose behind the hills

and warmed the air on the water.


I started to paint this piece of work before I left to Finland.

I had a connection with a Nature Angel

who was giving peaceful energy to a certain place.

I hadn’t enough time to concentrate on the painting or her message then,

but the first thing I noticed was her beautiful, golden-orange shine.

It was like the evening light has glowed over the area

when she opened up her energy for me.


While I stayed by the Lake Rautavesi,

I was stunned about it’s peaceful atmosphere

and I asked the Angels

if it was because of the St. Olofs Church witch lays couple of kilometres away.

In that moment, I saw a big Angel in the middle of the lake.

It was pure light and showed me that the Holiness of the area was not only because of the church.

There were other places, that have been and still are important, around the lake,

and there had been lot of prayers in that lake region during the centuries.


I assume, that the Angel I had been painting before,

is the same I saw in a form of a huge light that day.

Angels take different forms, when they come and tell us their messages.

All of the Angels I’ve seen are messengers for God.


A Prayer for today:

Dear God,
give me the wisdom to see thy truth.

show me the good
what is behind your will.

Let me see the good in those things,
in which I can not find it myself.

Give me the strength to make things right,
in the areas it isn’t done.

Show me the right actions,
give me the right words.

Make me an intermediate piece
for thy peace.



The Truth



Look for the Truth.

Beside the Illusion,

Behind the Mask,

There is always the True Core of Truth.

Believe in me,

Dear Child,

and you will find the Truth.

Turn to me

with all of your worries,

and I will enlighten them with the Truth.


Sometimes I get strange answers to my prayers.

When I was painting this one,

I was asked to paint an Eye.

– Just one?

I was wondering.

It was because of the metaphor for “the Eye of God”.



when I work with Holy motives,

I pray and I have a some kind of conversation

with for example Holy Mary or Angels.

That’s why I’m only suggesting ideas for the painting

and I’m given visions or guiding how to compose it.

This time, I was allowed to paint two eyes in the end.

Even though it made it a bit easier to understand,

I feel, that I haven´t understand the whole idea yet.

I know, I’ve been trying to understand human behaviour in different situations.

It’s obvious, that conflicts arises in situations, where the truth is avoided or covered up.

Lately, I have discussed with my colleagues about immaterial rights, about stealing,

blackmailing and using modified truth as tools for career advancement.

and Yes, I can see the point with the Eye of God.


“The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous.”

Psalms 34:15

“The eyes of the Lord are in every place.”

Proverbs 15:3


But still, I can’t stop unfair things to happen.

Even though I would be righteous,

there will be people willing to take advance of me,

and everyone else.

This is a challenging and demanding period to live in.

It’s not easy to get a job, make a career

or even get your pay checks every month.

– No wonder why people turn into wolves!


However, Jesus said:

“If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 

Then you will know the truth,

and the truth will set you free.

Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin.”

John 8:31-34


We all know in our hearts what’s true.

Sometimes it’s just not fun at all, to see it or even try to find it.

I had my doctor’s appointment last week,

and it has taken me a week to see the truth in my body perception.

My next surgery takes place on the 7th of November,

and I know that it’s not going to be the last one.

I have to realize that cancer has changed my body

and we are going to make the end result as normal as possible…

The truth is,

that I’m not thrilled about going through cancer tests in the near future,

to face that truth again.

How do I know if I’m cancer free?

I don’t.


At least I can be truthful with one thing: these paintings.

As Ernest Hemingway said:

All you have to do is write one true sentence.

Write the truest sentence that you know.”

I paint the truth I know,

and I hope it gives you

as mush inspiration and happiness as it gives to me.

The Mary of Special Children

Special Children

 Children are a Gift from the Lord


During the time I have been working with the Mary of Special Children,

I have been told

that there are born many very sensitive children into Earth

during this time period.

We are blessed by these children.

They are more open and have often a connection to heaven,

even when they grow older.

All children have that connection directly after they have been born,

but these children will stay open to God and Angels.


These children are sensitive to other’s energies,

they can feel thoughts and now things before they happen.

Sometimes they have problems with electricity or for example with some substances in food.

This sensitivity can cause misunderstandings,

we adults can’t always find the reason

why a child reacts strongly to a relative normal matter or event,

or why she/he reacts with a strange or exaggerated way.


All children are special,

but these “open minted” children have a certain purpose,

they are here to make us more aware.

Aware of the meaning of



unspoiled nature,





They will,

like all other children,

guaranteed test all these qualities.

They will teach us these qualities,

they will push us over the comfort zones in our lives.

And the most of us will do it,

just because we love our children and grand children,

we simply want the best for them.


These children are showed me as flowers,

ready to grow and blossom.

If we are loving enough,

They will shine and make beautiful things to happen.


 Children are a Gift from the Lord.


Prayer of the Day:

Dear God,

Give me patience,

to handle all my social relations with a Peace in my soul.

Help me to understand different standpoints

and feelings connected to them.

Dear God,

make me amicable and forgiving,

and please,

give joy to all my relationships.



Feel Safe with Home Guardian Angels

The homeguardians

If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,”
    and you make the Most High your dwelling,

no harm will overtake you,
    no disaster will come near your tent.

For he will command his angels concerning you
    to guard you in all your ways;

they will lift you up in their hands,
    so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

Psalm 91: 9-12


I have had several conversations with my family, friends and neighbours about safety,

in different occasions and from various standpoints.

It’s quite normal to be concerned about security issues, in many levels.


I met an old lady.

She felt as a prisoner in her home,

she had lately got a new lock (a third one) in her door and she also had a alarm button

(mainly because of her physical condition, I suppose).

All her windows were locked and all her valuable things were in the safe box somewhere else.

She was afraid for burglars.

She was sure that they would get – some day or night –

into her tiny apartment and take something from her.

She felt miserable.

She told me that it would take up to an half hour for security company to come to her,

if she would desperately need them.

It was not enough.

I can understand her.

She was old and getting weaker.

She felt alone.

Left alone.

I never had a change to end my discussion with her,

but our meeting aroused many thoughts and questions in my mind.


In many ways we make our own prisons,

and for me, fears play a big role as prison guards – mentally.


This is one of the paintings I bought last time I visited a Red Cross flee market.

When I prayed for the angels to “show up” on the canvas,

I was reminded of the Home Guardians,

Angels that we can call to protect our homes.

In this case, they wanted to show how an important place can be protected from all directions.

They wanted me to paint them with different colours,

just to show that they can have different purposes,

while they work as home guardians.


I have seen these angels many times before,

and they can be quite big, between 8 to 15 meters, or even much taller.

They help us to feel safe,

they keep us safe – as it’s told in the Psalm 91:

no harm will overtake you,
    no disaster will come near your tent.

There are plenty of angels available,

you just have to ask for help.


Let us send a tiny prayer:

Dear God,

and all Your Angels,

Send Home Guardian Angels

into all homes in the areas of violence and war,

Please, Give a peaceful night for all of us.




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