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Crying Angel

December 17, 2014

Crying Angel

Why do Angels Cry?


This luminous Angel come to me a week ago,

and she was crying.

I was not allowed to paint her happy.

She was crying because of all the cruelty,

all these really bad deeds we choose to do.


She says:

we are too easy to influence,
our minds are easy to fill with hopelessness,
so that we experience injustice
and that we will have a reason to get revenge.

She is crying,
because we don’t see life as a gorgeous gift, 

specially given for us.

Instead, we choose to see all of poor and difficult,
we choose to blame each other,
to judge each other.
We choose to pick a fight,
we do not want to reconcile.

Her grief is immeasurable.

She tells how she sees people as beautiful creatures,
as God created us His own image,

In her opinion, we are special,
lovingly created beings,
with a number of great gifts, wonderful features.


We don’t understand our own beauty, uniqueness.
We only tent to see the surface,
and don’t understand,

that we are deceived

when we only concentrate on gaining power and getting money.


She cries for adults who suffer,
but above all,

She cries because of all the children

who die as a result of anger and hatred.


She says:

Anger and hate is unnecessary.

The basic human characteristic is Love.

Loving God breathed into us a loving spirit.

Our souls turn always towards Love.

and, Love is what we miss the most.


She asks us to pray love for each other.
To send loving thoughts to each other.

All the time.

Our prayers have an incredible power.



Today, I’ll pray:

O Lord,
Send Angels of Love for those families,
who have lost their loved ones,
those whose children have left this time far too early.

O Lord,
Give us the wisdom to be tolerant,
and understand our differences.

O Lord,
we need Angels of Peace.
Please, let them come to us!

Thank you.



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