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The Angel of Peace

November 26, 2014

Angel of peace

Karl Robert Malmström wrote on the 3rd of January 1881

about the Angel of Peace in a Finnish newspaper Ilmarinen.

There is something similar with this Angel and Malmström’s poem.


I visited last weekend my mother in Northern Finland.

It’s already winter there.

I drove through a beautiful landscape from Sweden (Luleå) to Finnish Lapland.

Trees were powdered by light snow and small lakes were frozen.

I painted this painting before my trip,

but I felt her presence while I was travelling.


Calmness and inner peace are not easy to maintain.

I feel, that I continuously have to ask for help to get into a peaceful mood,

and remind myself of the importance of it.

Praying is the key.

It´s so easy to loose focus.

There are too many negative things happening around us, all the time.

Those happenings are real, and they eat our energy, tore off the sense of security.

Mostly, there is really nothing we can do – except praying.

It sounds quite childish and as a cliché, but it works.

The same way, as painting works for me,

it´s all about connection,

between God and us, that gives us the inner peace.



Poems are difficult to translate,

but I tried to find some words to explain the meaning of his Angel of Peace – a part of it.

Old Finnish language is really challenging to translate…someone else could have done a much better work,

but it´s almost as a prayer,

and I wanted to share it with you.


Please, Visit me, the sweet Angel of Peace!
Come back soon again!
Times have passed by
since your last visit.
How many times have I lost hope,
in turmoil of live,
How many times elation has vanished
since I saw you last time?

It shines already, it brightens,
I feel your grace,
Among the nocturnal clouds
it glistens, your brightness.
You came to earth
as a haven for us;
approaching, with smile
and open arms.

Who are you, the beautiful star,
The tear of evening I suppose? – from far.
Who are you,

a white-flower from Heaven’s spring
I wonder, Who?

Oh, now I know,
I recognize your calm face
Oh, thank you, the Angel of Peace!

When the day turned into evening,
with a cold breeze

and a light wind sighed and sang
the hymn of night for the Creator;
You gave me wings, the Angel of Peace.
And I flew high;
Oh, what a shine and grace
To fly above the world!

Please, Visit me.
With your mighty wings,
loose the troubles of the poor,
ease the burning pain.
Hold your hand over my heart,
Again, give me the garland of Ease
Oh thank you the Angel of Peace,
now, I feel as a child again!


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