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God’s Warrior Angel

November 6, 2014

God’s Warrior Angel

Suddenly a multitude of the Heavenly Army appeared with the angel,

praising God and saying

“Glory to God in the highest,

and peace on earth to people who enjoy his favor!”

Luke 2: 13-14


This beautiful, powerful Angel

showed up directly when I got this old oil painting from my neighbours.

I had to paint her at once.

This God’s Warrior Angel took a female form,

which was kind of a surprise for me:

I have seen mostly male Angels as warriors of God.


She is incredibly kind, but at the same time, strong and forceful.

There is no doubt that God’s will will happen, when she works on Earth.

Her wings and her aura have intense gold shine,

and like Archangel Michael, she has a sword.

She protects us against evil and chaos.

She works continuously for mankind and our planet.


He makes his angels winds,and his servants flames of fire.

Heb. 1:7



A little notice about fear:

I had a planned operation tomorrow (“fixing” me after cancer).

I called hospital on Monday and they told me that there was no operation – at all!

First she accused me that I had dreamed up the date of the operation (!),

and I stood just beside her when she wrote my name on the operation calender,

with a real pen, and as she had done before (with my operations before).

Then she told that there are more acute operations that have right to be placed before mine,

– of course, and no problems with that,

but they should have informed me when they took me off the operation list!


Now it seams that I’m going to have operation in the beginning of December.

We’ll see.


This type of mistakes make me feel insecure:

I’m a patient, I’m a patient patient,

I can wait,

but they have to inform me about important things,

they have to take care of me,

to make me feel that they know what they are doing.

I’m not allowed to contact my doctor directly

and I have to rely on the competence of these nurses.

I don’t know if I’m going to be afraid before this operation,

I had mentally prepared myself for tomorrow,

and then nothing is going to happen…

I basically tell myself that I’m going to be operated by a highly professional surgeon,

and I’ll pray for help from God and his angels.

That’s all I can do –

except wait.

And trust.


Prayer of the day:

O my God,

in thee have I trusted.

Yea, none that wait for thee

shall be put to shame.

I am poor and sorrowful:

Let thy salvation,

O God,

set me up on high.


Psalm 25, 69


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