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Halloween fears

November 1, 2014


Children seems to like scary things.

They have been decorating the whole house

with funny figures that they have made by themselves.

They are amused by facing different type of fears

but, of course, in a safe way.


As an adult, I try to deal wisely with my fears.

Boiled frog eyes and bottled death are probably not the scariest things for me.

But still, kids have a point with their approach:

how to make scary scenarios to feel easier to understand,

how to make them look funny?


I’ll try my limits on that task on Friday,

when I’m going to be operated again.


Halloween time is also about dealing with death.

Expected, unexpected, acceptable, unacceptable ending,

the definite change.

I just talked with my mother about a young man

who was murdered a couple of weeks ago.

She said that it was impossible to find right words

to relieve the pain and sorrow of his parents,

to comfort them.

That kind of loss is not understandable,

it’s unfair.

It feels that he was not ready with his life,

there was so much more to explore and experience,

he has just begun his path.


we don’t know – we can’t always understand.


Or, what about the old lady living close to us:

her only son died last year and she is just waiting to die.

There is nothing to cheer up her anymore.

The pain of loosing the most important person

has taken over her life,

She feels that everything is over.


The most important thing,

sometimes the only one,

is to pray.

We can always send warm thoughts

and pray for help and joy

for people who have difficulties.

We can also ask angels to help,

even with concrete tasks.


and of course,

the change through the death can be a relief

One day I will wipe away
every tear from your eyes.

And I’ll take away all the pain
you have suffered on this earth.
Revelation 21:3-4


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