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The Angel of Lake Rautavesi

September 29, 2014


I have been in Finland.

I had some work to do there

and I decided to visit my sisters family in the countryside,

close to Nokia (the place where Nokia phones were born).

The surroundings of the Lake  Rautavesi are calm and beautiful.


I stayed in a little sauna cottage just beside the lake.

There were swans swimming close the little jetty, couple of meters from the cottage door.

One mother and six youngsters.

One morning,

I saw someone fishing from his boat in the middle of the lake.

A thin mist surrounded the boat,

and it was totally quiet

You could even hear the small waves clapping the boats in a close by cove.

The mist disappeared slowly

when the sun rose behind the hills

and warmed the air on the water.


I started to paint this piece of work before I left to Finland.

I had a connection with a Nature Angel

who was giving peaceful energy to a certain place.

I hadn’t enough time to concentrate on the painting or her message then,

but the first thing I noticed was her beautiful, golden-orange shine.

It was like the evening light has glowed over the area

when she opened up her energy for me.


While I stayed by the Lake Rautavesi,

I was stunned about it’s peaceful atmosphere

and I asked the Angels

if it was because of the St. Olofs Church witch lays couple of kilometres away.

In that moment, I saw a big Angel in the middle of the lake.

It was pure light and showed me that the Holiness of the area was not only because of the church.

There were other places, that have been and still are important, around the lake,

and there had been lot of prayers in that lake region during the centuries.


I assume, that the Angel I had been painting before,

is the same I saw in a form of a huge light that day.

Angels take different forms, when they come and tell us their messages.

All of the Angels I’ve seen are messengers for God.


A Prayer for today:

Dear God,
give me the wisdom to see thy truth.

show me the good
what is behind your will.

Let me see the good in those things,
in which I can not find it myself.

Give me the strength to make things right,
in the areas it isn’t done.

Show me the right actions,
give me the right words.

Make me an intermediate piece
for thy peace.




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