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The Angel of the Forest Lake

August 19, 2014


There are Angels even in the forests.


I was born in Northern Finland

where the Nature, and especially forests, are an important element in peoples lives.

Moreover, there has always been a special connection between forests and Finnish culture and mythology,

and of course economy.

Forests are open to everyone to wander, hike and tent in.

You are allowed to use all the woods, as long as you obey certain rules

– basically don’t destroy anything.


One essential part of my recovery after cancer has been walking in the nature,

often in the woods close to our home.

I have a need to visit woods.

I can compare it to painting or creating,

it’s essential for my well-being.


For me forest can represent a sacred place, a temple of nature.

I appreciate the opportunity to enter into a huge, living room,

build of natural elements that all go well together,

that co-operate vividly.

In many ways it’s a living living-room for me.


In a healthy forest, there is a balance between all living creatures and things.

There is a harmony that you have a possibility to take part of,

just by walking around,

breathing in and becoming a part of that place

– for that moment.


The artist in me enjoys the scents and colours of the forest,

there is a beautiful variety of shrub plants,

and all the tones suits perfectly together

at all times, during different seasons and times of the day.

Sometimes the birds sing in the high treetops is like angels singing.

Right now is the season for blue berries and cow berries, and different type of mushrooms.

Sometimes I eat a handful of blueberries,

or if I’m lucky,

I find some wild strawberries or raspberries on my way through the woods.

It’s a true blessing to have a possibility to enter into that world, when ever I want to.

If there is something good in obstacles in my life,

This period of sickness and pain

has made me even more aware of the things I’m thankful about.


Yesterday, I was walking in the woods with my oldest daughter.

We were talking about her first day at school,

while she noticed that there was a fox in between the trees.

I couldn’t see it, my spectacles were dirty and it was getting darker.

I talked to the fox,

I asked humorously if it was hungry,

because we had some left overs from the dinner,

– some chicken could be tasty?

What happened?

We started to walk and the fox followed us.

We took the path that goes around the area, and it followed us.

All the way, and eventually, the fox was just two meters behind me.

A young, beautiful fox, and I suppose it was hungry.

I filmed it with my mobile, while we were walking,

that we could show it to other kids.

Just before we came back to the road through the neighbourhood,

it turned back into the forest.

– What a nice company we had!


I have been working with a painting of a nature Angel.

This Angel takes a male form and has a message:

there are a lot of places in the nature,

all over the world,

that are sacred.

They are a gift for us,

to bring us harmony and peace.

There are special angels guarding these areas,

to help us to respect and appreciate these places,

NOT to destroy.


We human beings are loved,

taken care of

and given many wonderful gifts

– that we are not even able to see.


The energy, that gives us peace,

is not visible for all of us,

but it exists and it’s essential for all of us.


I don’t usually see that kind of energy,

but like all of us, I can feel it.

During the prayers when I have been painting,

I have felt the enormous amount of love

from these Nature Angels.

We are so blessed.


Prayer of the day:

Dear Lord,

Thank you

for giving us this beautiful planet.

Thank you for the Angels

and all their work on earth.

Thank you for caring about us

in every single moment.

Dear Lord,

please, show us your gifts and blessings,

that we can understand how lucky we are,

how rich we are.

Please, show us ways,

how to share and use natural resources in the right way.

Dear Lord,

thank you for the blessings of today.


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