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The Evening Music – A Curfew with Angels

August 15, 2014

the evening music

“The Song of Peace.”


There was a flee market in an old fishing village close to our cottage.

I bought this painting for few coins.


That evening,

I was walking on the beach

and I heard a beautiful, clear sound.

There were an Angel playing a “trumpet” or horn.

It reminded me of a painting I had seen before,

an Angel who was concentrating on playing.


The air was clear, and so was the sound,

it was easy to listen.

I wondered, if this Angel was going to call somebody home tonight?

But, that was not the case.

Angels are sent to the earth to play the sound and song of Peace into our minds.

It can be heard all over the World,

it is needed right now,

there is too much sorrow and pain.

The Angels are here to help us,

to balance our minds with music

– even thought the most of us don’t even hear it.

But still, we can feel it:

when evening comes, outside, in the nature,

we can feel a pleasant peaceful calmness,

surrounding us,

giving us a moment of total harmony.


I tried to capture that scene and feeling into my painting,

and the message was in it’s simplicity:

This curfew will give you peace,

it gives your heart and soul silence

and forgiveness,

pure love will fill your mind.


I wish you a peaceful evening and night.

May Angels guard you way

and give you peaceful dreams.




Music, a bit similar to that I heard:


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