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A Different Type of Pilgrimage – A Tour in Europe with Angels VII, the Virgin Mary of Maribo

August 13, 2014



Not Shaken – But Stirred.


My Holiday trip turned out to be a pilgrimage, with Angels.

Not that I had planned it, it was planned for me.

I met interesting people and got to see many sacred places.

– Thank you all the Angels for this holiday journey.

I still have plenty of experiences to think about, to digest.


The last stop of my pilgrimage was definitely not planned.

We had a car accident, and after we had been in hospital (my daughters and I),

we were send to stay over in a hotel in Maribo.

That was place our car was towed to (village with the nearest repair shop),

my husband and son were waiting for us there.


I felt quite shaken after the accident.

– Why again?

– Why to shake us more?

– Why to shake me directly after the big operation?

There were plenty of questions, but no answers.



So, we stayed a day in Maribo.

It is a really nice Danish village on the countryside in Lolland,

surrounded by two lakes and the atmosphere is calm.

…so calm, that they were in the middle of a 8 weeks holiday season,

resulting that our car is still in Maribo, and will stay for a long while…


It took 8 hours to get a rent car for couple of days.

After checking out, we waited in a lobby.

The personal of the hotel was great:

we got coffee and cold water to drink,

while we were calling to insurance companies and waiting for answers.

– Thank you Maribo Søpark!


I had time to walk around for a while,

I bought some bread from bakery across the road

and noticed that there was a Saint Bridget Monastery just around the corner!

I was surprised.

I have visited one Saint Bridget Monastery before, and that’s the place I was sent to paint an icon.

I didn’t know that they had a monastery in Denmark,

and just in Maribo – and really close to the hotel we were staying at!

(Link:  Maribo Kloster, Denmark)


I’m quite shy to visit new places, especially, when I don’t know if visitors are welcome.

I didn’t have any time to check from internet,

or book any meeting.

I only had a feeling, that I should visit this Monastery,

 so I decided to take a short walk there before we left Maribo.


The monastery looked closed.

All the doors were locked and I didn’t want to ring a doorbell.

I looked around.

I didn’t see any people anywhere,

but I heard singing.

I went around a corner,

and saw a chapel.

I suppose they were having a afternoon vesper, or some kind of prayers.

I went in and sat down in a hallway,

just to get to experience the atmosphere of the place,

and to listen their singing for a while.


I directly saw a beautiful, rose coloured Virgin Mary in the middle of the chapel.

She was shining in light red and golden tones.

Her energy was pure love and understanding, forgiving.

My shaken feeling after the car crash was blown away,

there was a wonderful serenity that first surrounded me and then filled me.


I remembered the words:

Though the mountains be shaken
    and the hills be removed,
yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken
    nor my covenant of peace be removed,”
    says the Lord, who has compassion on you.

Isaiah 54:10


I was still thinking about the practical solutions,

but my mind was in balance.


I was a stirred to both paint and go through this experience

– and the trauma caused by the accident.


Couple of days after, I wanted to paint this vision of Virgin Mary.

I had only pastel colours, and this is the result.


Perhaps we need to be shaken sometimes –  to wake up?



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