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A Different type of Pilgrimage – a Tour in Europe with Angels III

July 27, 2014


Last year when we visited Resia, we saw a castle like building high up in the mountains.
It was shining white and had couple of towers.

My husband was interested to see that place, and after our second day trip to the mountain top in Vinschgau (Val Venosta),
we stopped at the Marienberg Abbey.

Abbazia Monte Maria is a Benedictine abbey and it was founded in 1150.
It is Europe’s highest abbey at 1,340 m (4,400 ft).
Even though the buildings were partly under renovation, I could see that the Abbey was built in a Baroque style.

We visited the museum and they showed a film about some frescoes about angels.

The film was in Italian and I understood that they presented three types of angels:
Archangels, such as Michael, and Seraphs, and also the apostles were presented with wings (angel like beings).

I was a bit confused.
Where did they have these frescoes and what was the story behind them?

I went back to the museum shop and asked from the monk who was working there.

He told me that there was a groin vault with angel figures somewhere close to the Abbey.

He told that they (Benedictine monks) were like Seraphs, Angels that continuously praises the Lord.

He said that they were singing the prayers several times a day,

in some cases, such as during the Eastern, as much as 10 hours a day!
He was shining when he talked about his life in the Abbey.
He was happy to pray and sing.

His energies turned out to pure love, universal love, and I was blended with the warmness and clearness of the energy.
I suppose, he was not aware of the change of his energies, except that he enjoyed of telling about angels and his life purpose.

I asked if he had ever seen these angels while he was singing in their church.
He hadn’t.

I told him that they had at least one huge Angel, guarding the Abbey and the mountain area close to it.

He was not surprised by my comment, and I explained that I had seen that Angel before we drove to the Abbey.

It was unusual for me to meet a person who was “working together” with angels and was so open to talk about it.
Above all, his call made him totally happy.

After the visit, my children commented that it was a pity for that monk to offer his entire life:
In their minds he lived in a prison, without any family.
I assured them that he was happy with his choice.

For him it was perfectly rewarding,
life in the Abbey gives him balance and full fills his life mission.

I had water colors with me, and later that evening I tried to paint the Guardian Angel of the Marienberg Abbey.
He shines brightly and takes care of the garden and a part of the mountain around the Abbey.


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