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A Different type of Pilgrimage – a Tour in Europe with Angels I

July 23, 2014

l haven’t had time or motivation to plan any holiday trip this year.

But I was lucky, my family did it for me, and so did the Angels.
My husband and children had booked “a round trip” to Italy, to Lago di Maggiore.
We were in South Tyrol and Northern Italy last year and visited Lago di Garda.

We drove with our car from Sweden to Italy, and even though the driving part was not a pleasure

(Renault from 2007 and without air conditioning),

we enjoyed our freedom to stop where ever we wanted to and see things that were not planned.
This year our trip was going to take 15 days and we had shorter day passes than last year.

We wanted to have more time to see places in various countries, not just pass them through in high speed and only visit some gas stations on the way.
So, we had a plan in a form of booked stays in different places

Our  second stay was in Grumbach, in Germany.

 It’s a nice little village in the Kusel district in Rhineland-Palatinate, in Bavaria (South west of Germany). (
We drove through Swabian Baroque region,  between Augsburg, Ulm and Memmingen, and arrived in the late afternoon.
We checked into our hotel Gasthof Diem (

They didn’t only have a hotel but also a butcher shop and inn. There was a huge screen available in the inn, if we were interested in football.

We weren’t. After a long day in a warm car, we wanted to explore Grumbach instead.
We walked around. There were beautiful old houses and a peaceful river that runs through the town.
While walking along the river side, I got a feeling that I had to see a special place:

I had to look into a little house beside the river, close to a park. It looked like a  gatekeepers house in an big estate.
Surprisingly, it was a tiny chapel for Our Lady.

The Angels told me that these people have faith, and that they have received help from Her for several times during the past century.
I sat there for a while.

It was quiet and peaceful.

The chapel was clean and they had put a lot of fresh flowers there.
When I was leaving, I saw a painting on the wall.

It tells about one of the periods when Our Lady has been important for people in Grumbach.

 I was told that even today we get help if we ask for it. Especially if we gather together and pray for someone or something.
There are special Angels who are working with Our Lady. Even they can help us.

I left the chapel with peace in my mind.

I was thankful that I had visited that little place.
It was a concrete and modest place for praying and connection with Our Lady

While I was walking towards the hotel, I was thinking about trust.

They had trusted their lives on God and Our Lady, and no harm happened to them.
When bad things happen, trust is a key.
With trust you strengthen your faith and keep hope in live.
I want to trust.
Dear Our Lady,
The Mother of God.
Help us to trust,
to focus our thoughts on right things.
Help us to get rid of harmful feelings and attitudes.
Give us Your Blessing today.



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