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Headache in Malibu – or was it in Maribo?

July 17, 2014

We had a rear-end collision two days ago.
We were driving from a ferry (between Puttgarten-Rödby) and there was a traffic jam a bit after the harbor area.
We could stop our car in time, but the driver behind us couldn’t stop his.
He ended pretty much into our luggage, in the back of our car.
He was angry. His holiday trip was to drive from Sweden to Germany, and buy as much alcohol as possible. His car was filled with bottles, as well as his trailer.
What an ending for a holiday trip!
I called 112 (911): my youngest daughter had pain in her neck and head, and I felt the same kind of pain as with the 3 whiplashes I have had before.
They send ambulances and a police patrol at once.
We, my both daughters and I, ended up in a hospital 35km away, and my husband and my son stayed with our car. After several hours, we got to stay in a hotel in Maribo, in Lolland, Denmark.
I didn’t know what to think.
We were all quite okay, my operation wounds were intact and no bones were broken.

We stayed in a hotel close to a lake,

in the middle of beautiful Danish landscape,

but I had some serious problems to enjoy the atmosphere of the village of Maribo and the perfectly sunny weather.

It’s just not nice to have more pain, I don’t want my family to get hurt, or have any more problems with my neck (body).

I just can’t understand why?
Why more pain, more problems?
Isn’t it enough already?
I don’t think we could have done anything differently.
Although, it was a blessing that none of the children were sitting on the 6th seat, in the back of the car. That seat had been used during the whole trip, but not that day.

I don’t even want to think how it would have ended!
After the accident, I could see the two angels who had been with us during our two weeks trip, on the both sides of the car. They were standing still, united with their heads over the car. Calmly.

Even when we had emptied the car and left it in the area it was taken to, I saw the angels beside it when we drove away.
I have no idea what it means, but I know that they were there all the time.
It took us two days to get a rent car, the other driver accused us of causing the accident and both insurance companies are waiting for to get the police report.
I can’t see how we could have caused the accident, but it can end in a way, that we have no car for couple of months!
That’s both surprising and shocking.
The accident was not our fault and the praxis is that you get a car while yours is in reparation. Just because we had the accident abroad shouldn’t change it.
We also got to hear that the nearest place to repair our car opened again in the end of August!

So, our car stays abroad…
The shocking part was to realize how much we need our car: it’s not that fun to bicycle to the nearest mall about 15km away. Not every second day at least!

I have still problem to understand – why?


This painting is from the period I had my first 3 whiplashes.

Headache, a real one.




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