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Especially and Only for You

July 8, 2014


About a week ago, I took a ferry from Trelleborg to Sassnitz, Germany.

I bought a cup of coffee, and got some help from a nice woman.

While I was waiting to be served,

Her Guardian angel  showed up for me.

I didn’t see any face and the Angel didn’t either take a form of a male or female.

The Guardian Angel was dearly holding “his” arms around around this woman,

And “he” told me that this woman was loved and that she was never alone.

It was crucial to tell her,

That she was allowed to enjoy her life,

To BE happy.

I was showen that she worked a lot, and had quite many worries.

I went back to my seat, and couldn’t stop thinking about her Angel.

I had bought some pencils to my daughter

and I just had to sketch this Guardian Angel.

I couldn’t find all the beautiful shades of colours

or put them together,

but while I was drawing,

her Angel told me that it was very important to make this drawing.

It was actually a bit funny situation.

I was drawing on the back of a cash receipt with poor quality pencils

– how could it be important?


I waited for a right moment to give her the picture:

I wanted to have a quiet moment, alone with her,

she couldn’t speak english and I’m bad in German…

It could surely end up to be quite awkward and

I was basicly praying for the right words.


Some minutes later I gave her the receipt.

She was totally blown away,

Almost shocked.

I said that sometimes I can see Guardian Angels,

and I had to draw hers and give it to her.

She tried to say that angels belong to church,

and that she was definitely not religious.

That’s why she couldn’ t possibly have any Angels around her.

I tried to explain that we all have our own Guardian Angel.

That shocked her.

It was surprising for me too:

I didn’t know how to get her to understand that we don’t have to earn our Guardian Angels,

We all get one when we come to the Earth.

There is no difference if we are religious or not,

Or what kind of religion we have,

No matter if we are good or bad,

Our Guardian Angel will stay with us till the day we die.

Our God has given every one of us a huge gift,

One specific Angel,

to guard our soul and it’s path during our stay here on Earth.


This Angel wishes always the best for you,

tries to make you to see the best alternatives

and gives you both company and strenght.


What a wonderful gift!

I wish we all could be aware of our Guardian Angels.

…and I hope I made this woman aware of her own Angel.


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