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Happiness is a Choice

June 4, 2014


Happiness is a choice.

Fear is a choice.


I was in hospital yesterday, and I got a guestion

“How do you feel about your body”

I actually don’t know.

I don’t concentrate on my body all the time,

I pray for strength and healing,

but I have chosen to thinks about my feelings

– how is my inner child today?


Cancer have shown me how fragile the logical and accomplishment centered approach is in scary situations.

The logical approach functions in many cases,

but feelings are illogical.

Feelings are like small children,

unpredictable, playful, ever-moving, ever-changing

and first of all, difficult to manage and train.


I have learned, that if I don’t listen and nourish my inner child,

I cause problems for myself.

I have to ask myself continuously:

– How can I help myself today?

– Can I do something to make my day more joyful?

I have lived with daily pains for several months,

and those days when I have forgotten my inner child, I have suffered.

It’s a conscious choice to take care of your inner child

and choose to see joy in everyday issues and tasks.


I get a lot of help from angels to see and remember my inner child,

to make me feel better, to find more happiness in my everyday life.

The only actual difference with the past is

that I ask God and the Angels to help me with these particular issues.

And they do.


When we ask help with our problems, negative feelings or ways to action,

we get support to find better ways to react and to reflect.

This support comes true in everyday situations,

we get guidance and help.

It has given me a feeling of safety, comfort and trust.

And when you feel safe, it’s easier to feel happy.

Situations around me, or my physical condition, doesn’t have to change,

those changes happen as a result for my mental and emotional change.


In my experience, when I leave my worries to the Lord and the Angels,

I can be as a child,

not forgetting my tasks,

but doing them joyfully.


There is a magical, humorous aspect in everything.

Just seeing that perspective as a possible way of thinking, gives a lot of joy.

Feelings are not logical,

but you can choose what kind of feelings you want to carry around.

Joy is magical.

You pray for it,

You open your heart for it,

and it fills you instantly and completely!


Release and Receive.

It is a conscious choice to release painful matters and fears for future,

 it’s a powerful mental image to put all of your worries on the palm of a hand of an Angel

and release those issues for a while.

You will receive balance and joy.


There is an element of enchantment, magic, in out inner child.

I wish you moments of childish visions,

I wish you happy feelings,

where ever you are,

what ever you do.


You know, there are angels waiting for to help you,

just ask.


I wish you a touch of an Angel,

to help you to nourish you inner child.

I ask an Angel to help you to feel safe and happy,

right now.


God bless you.



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