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Angels at Hospital 3

May 27, 2014


One day, when I was still in the hospital,

I was laying on my bed and listening birds, singing outside the open window.

It was really warm day.

A light Sumner wind brought in a scent of the warm roofs.

I heard that someone came in to the doom, one of my roommates got a guest.

I could’t see them, there were two different doom dividers around my bed.

All though, I understood that the visitors were her husband and her newborn son.

I could see the beautiful shine from the guardian angels of her and her baby.

I don’t know why I didin’t see the angel of her husband.

I suppose, that she had been missing her baby so much,

and when she after several days could meet him,

the amount of their love made me to see their angels too.


Newborns and babies are pure love, if we think about energies.

They haven’t learn how to give love yet,

they are in some way inside in a bubble of heavenly love.

We learn them how to handle with love and other emotions while they grow up.


Her baby was reacting to her motherly love,

and the whole doom was shining!

This time I didn’t see these angels with details,

Just their colours and felt their enormous energy.

It was beautiful!


While I was waiting for to get rid of all drains and plastic hoses hanging out from me,

I painted this wonderful energy I had seen around her and her baby.


She had been operated two times during these days, and she was still quite weak.

I gave her this painting and explained her how I felt about their energies.

Her son was sensitive and emotional,

He’ll become naturally empathic.

She is calm and also sensitive,

It is a strenght to have that combination in everyday life,

especially when you have small children.

I wished her all the best,

I’m sure, that she’ll be soon well and back at home with her family.



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