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May 9, 2014


Sometimes people ask me about angels that are human origin.

I’m no expert in that area,

even though I know several cases, in which the dead person becomes as a kind of guardian angel to his/her close living relatives.

I have painted these angels some times.


There is one Angel painting I remember particularly well.

Several years ago I sat at the kitchen table.
I had just finished an icon and I was going to clean my paint brushes.
I had a few wooden platforms that my children had used for crafting.

My thoughts were in the next moment: I had to clean up the table,
meat stew was in the oven and soon it was time for the evening meal.


In That Moment, appeared a really shiny, small angel in the front of me.
She shined in various shades of gold, yellow and orange,
she had a very strong positive energy, like the sun at midday.

She had a message to tell:
I had to paint her face.
This young girl wanted me to paint her without hair.

She had died recently in cancer and lost her beautiful, long and dark hair.

She had beautiful brown eyes.

She was like a great, shiny sun flower.


She came to stand beside me, and asked me to hurry.
She followed each and every brush stroke I made.

She was worried, because her parents and siblings were too sad and lost their hope.
I had to hurry to tell them, that everything was okay, she had to leave.
She was ready with her life, even though she was just a child.
I thought that she was around 10 years.

She was sparkling of love when she talked about her family,
and said that she would always be there for them
– as long they are alive.
She had some other messages also, but I have forgotten these private details.


I finished this painting quite quickly.
We ate our dinner and later in the evening I called to my mother.
I told her about this beautiful Angel child and we were wondering about the fact that she appeared for me.
I didn’t know her.
I had no idea how to pass her message to someone.


After we hanged up, my mother called me back almost directly.
During that weekend my niece was visiting her,
and she wanted to talk with me.
She had heard about the Angel from my mother and she was quite sure who this girl was:
her classmate has passed away about a week ago in cancer.
She had had beautiful dark hair and big brown eyes.

I was confused.
I told her that I would take this painting with me next time I visited her grandmother,
and then we could talk more about it.


About a month later we travelled to my mothers place in Finland.
I had forgotten the Angel painting,
and just before we were leaving, she reminded me about it.
I jumped out of the car, unlocked the front door, and ran in to the house.
I was not allowed to forget it.


I had spend a week in Northern Finland before I was ready to face “my problem” with the Angel painting.
The problem was that I really didn’t know these people.
They had had a huge loss, and I didn’t want to hurt them by asking about an angel.
I didn’t know how they would react.
But I knew, I had to call them.
I just had to ask.


I called this little girl’s mother,
I introduced myself,
and told how her daughter’s classmate had identified this painted angel to be her daughter.
I told, that she would get this painting as a gift from me, if this was the case.
If they didn’t mind and if it was okay, I could show them the painting.


I had framed the tiny painting with one of the wooden shingles I had got from our mediaeval church
(they changed the roof  from the south side the year before
and I was allowed to pick up some pieces that were not rotten).

I went to visit this nice family.
They  identified this little girl at once.
It was a really emotional “reunion”.
They showed me photos of her and I told them her messages.
She was around us all the time, and she assured them that she would do so, even in future.


I gave them the painting.


Several years passed by, and last month I had a feeling that I should tell her story.
I sent her mother sms, and asked to get a photo of the painting, if they still had it.
They did.


She wrote me a beautiful message about the effect of this painting.
She told that she didn’t believe in these things before they got the painting.
She had got strength to change several things in her life, for example she had studied arts for a couple of years.

It was a healing period for her.
Through her studies, she met a class mate who knew a lot about angels and worked as an “channelled author” for them.
She told that she experienced guidance in her life and made new decisions.
She become stronger and had easier to handle her loss and sorrow.
She wrote:
“I can only say, that the things you told me at that time,
seem now natural, when they then seemed unreal and supernatural.”


I felt happy for her.

It was good to feel that I had done something right, I had helped someone in need.

And I’m thankful for my gift, for the ability to paint what I see in the other dimensions.

Thank you.



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