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Japanese Angels

May 7, 2014

Japanese Angel

There are angels all over the world.


During the past month, I have travelled a lot.
This round trip was planned already almost two years ago,
and some of the tickets had been paid before I knew I had cancer.
So, I did the journey as we had planned.
Before I left, I met my new surgeon,
and we agreed to have the next operation on the 23th of May.
I live with my physical problems every day,
but I didn’t want to cancel our plans for that.
One of the nurses asked me if I was prepared to visit hospital abroad,
and if I had a complete insurance to be able to do it.
I was.
I decided:
It was an excellent decision.
First, we drove towards north,
about 1200 km up to Finnish Lapland.
We left our three children to my mother, who lives in a small town in Northern Finland.
They were going to spend their Eastern holidays with my relatives.

Then we flew two flights to get to Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup,
from where we continued to Japan, Tokyo.
My husband was working during our visit in Tokyo,
so I was able to walk around in this huge city on my own.
…Actually, not alone, I had several angels with me.
I haven’t planned anything for our stay there,
and my husband’s colleagues had some plans for him.
In that way, I was free to see what ever I wanted during the days and some evenings.
I think it was a great opportunity, gift and a blessing for me.
I had been really tired because of my illness and medication,
so I asked angels to help me.
And they really did.
It was like I was participating on a private and well planned tourist sightseeing,
with the addition, that I got to see exactly that kind of places where I find interesting.
I also met wonderful people, very nice, helpful and polite.
I think that we all should use these “Travel-Angels” more often.
They know your thoughts and interests and they know the surraundings
– where ever you travel.
They can make and exact schedule, that will suit just you.
If you need rest, as I did,
I always “happened to find” a really nice place to stay for a cop of coffee or a lunch.
That’s how it works,
there are several “coincidences” which lead you to visit places and to meet people.
One morning, for instance,
I had an idea to walk around in a certain park in Tokyo, 上野恩賜公園 Ueno Park,
but I just happened to take a wrong train.
After I found out it, I got of the train in 渋谷 Shibuya station.
I had a headache and I was a bit tired because of jet lag.
It also started to rain lightly,
so I had a feeling that I should visit a big building just opposite of me.
I went in and took escalators upstairs.
As someone had planned my tour,
I went directly up to the 5th floor, turned to right and found a little reflexology salon.
I had no glue, that this minimal place even existed, among all clothing shops.
And of course, they had drop in head and neck massage!
What a pleasure and delight!
And I really needed it.
My second profession was just reflexology,
so I knew from the moment I sew this tiny place,
that I would get help with my smaller physical problems.
I couldn’t take a whole body treatment, not even a feet treatment,
because of my illness, rejection process could get worse.
But I really enjoyed my massage,
and I returned several times.
Later I visited Ueno Park, and then the weather was perfect and I didn’t have any headache!
I visited Daiso shop in 原宿 Harajuku,,
and bought some materials and tools to paint something Japanese.
I bought some brushes, for Japanese calligraphy, inks and painting colours,
and some wooden boards.
One evening, while my husband was eating with his Japanese colleagues,
I had time to paint one of the Angels I was allowed to see during my walks in
代官山 Daikanyama, 中目黒 Nakameguro, 恵比寿 Ebisu and 下北沢 Shimokitazawa.
She was so bright, but so tiny.
I felt like an elephant in company of these angels.
She was as polite as Japanese people usually are,
so sophisticated and helpful.
She organized (together with some other angels) all my tours,
so elegantly, that I never had to hurry and still I got to see a lot of different things.
I was never afraid, not alone.
Than you.

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