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Expectations and Balance

March 26, 2014


Sometimes you get sick.

You can’t avoid setback in your life.


Flu, flu, flu.
Inflammation, bursting operation wound, inflammation…
Sickness all around us.

My older daughter has had a flu for a week,
my son had it first,
then the youngest daughter came home in the middle of the school day on Friday
and have been feeling sick since,
and now it seems that it has caught my husband, too.


As I said before,

I want to change my normal behaviour and find new ways to see things in my life.


When I look back in my life,
I have always been quite productive.

I have had a tight schedule, at least for the past thirty years.
Various studies and assignments have interlocked with chores at home
(and occasionally left some space for creative work).

In any case, my life was formed as a tight schedule.


All I want to say, is that I’d like to see different sicknesses as possibilities,
instead of finding them extremely boring and painful
– and of course, time-consuming and irritating.


In that light, this virus unites our family,

we gather together on the sofa, among soft pillows and blankets
or in the kitchen, when we pick up something warm to drink.


I was not able to paint yesterday, but I was “talking” with an Angel.

I was a bit disappointed, and he said:

Life is always about expectations.

OK. In what way?

He replayed with some quick questions:

– What do you expect to happen today or tomorrow?
– What do you expect to accomplish?

And explained:

If you have detailed and high expectations, it is easier to failure,

and it is easy to loose your inner balance.

But if you change your point of view, and turn expectations into intentions,
it will directly be easier.

Expectations and assumptions bind your energy to a specific goal, they make you stressed.

Making your intentions clear, you release your energy,
it wouldn’t be bound by different rules, default values or requirements.

On the other hand,

Your intentions effects, and in most cases, creates your experiences.

When you have good intentions about something,
and even have an elusive goal,
you’ll free your spirit from accomplishments and constant performing.

You will work towards your goals,
you will get our help,
you will succeed,

You wouldn’t be stressed.

Leave your path free from expectations:
life will put obstacles on it,
you’ll have to change direction sometimes,
but you are going to feel free

and the best of all, you’ll going to have balance in your mind.

And remember,
when ever you need,
ask for our help.

When ever.


What a message.

Thank you.


At least,

we are trying to have some fun while we are sick:

I’m inspired to see my daughters nails!

She has done some homework for her next art lesson,

and she nailed it!


I think I nailed my flu-lesson 🙂



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