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Interior Castle

March 23, 2014


an Angel of Tranquillity and Inner information

I have been down with the flu all week,
but really, I don’t want to take it too seriously.
I still have an inflammation, even though I eat my antibiotics.

After dealing with cancer,

I feel, that I can don’t want to concentrate on any negative thoughts or obscure difficulties.


In my opinion, unclear issues gather in into clusters,
and make me feel sick.
Those degenerative issues are powered by fear.
…and fears are unclear and illogical.

Sometimes they hide behind the issues of the past,
sometimes I just don’t want to confront with them.

…and suddenly, I feel a tad of fear.
It can arise from different sources: smells, feelings, mental images,
the connecting factor is that they are related to uncertain issues.
They are related to the things that I can’t control.
Life-threatening disease is one such thing.

…and is it any wonder?
– Who is eager to undergo trials or tribulations?
– Who wants to meet with death?


I try to work with my fears. I want to have a balance.


That’s why

I have been working with a painting:

There is an Angel who sits beside a river or a lake.

I bought the old painting because of the rock. I felt, that I had to paint an Angel to cover it.

First, when I started painting, I realized that she was an “Old Angel”,
an Angel of Tranquillity and Inner information.
The church steeple that I could see in the original painting, had to be changed to a misty castle.
As it was in a dream.
While I was painting, I understood the message of this Angel:
We all have out inner castle inside us.
We all have an inner source of wisdom, at least a gate that leads into it.
I know that Theresa of Avila has written about that kind of castle, but I have ever read it.
I suppose I should.
Yesterday evening, the sun went down behind the window,
it lit up the painting from behind.
It was amazing to see, how the light colored only the castle,
and threw some small stars around the Angel.
There is something more to find.


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