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A Magical Forest Path with Angels

March 8, 2014



I have adored the nature during these past days.
Spring arrives.

I can see small signs, they tell me that the ground frost is melting.
Birds start singing very early in the morning and
days dawns earlier and earlier every morning.

Smell of mould changes. Clay ground in the garden does not smell like snow any more,
but as a warming and softening soil instead.


I usually go for a walk in nearby woods.
Sometimes once a day, in some cases two times.
Sometimes I get my husband to accompany me,
occasionally some of the children goes with me.


Yesterday I went for a walk at sunset.

The forest is almost always calm.
There are several criss-crossing paths, protected by tall pines.
I saw again two roe deer, leaping away farther into the forest.
A brown hare ran across the path and hid itself behind the bushes.
From a distance, I could see, that there was a blackbird waiting me beside the path.

It is quite quiet, a thick blanket of soft moss covered the ground soil,
and when I lift up my gaze, I saw a few deciduous trees lightening up the landscape.

Old leaves were laying on moss and they shined in different shades of silver.
Evening sun gilded the tree tops and the light shined between the branches into the path I was walking on.
The path glistened in gold and brown tones.


My thoughts were flying around, like small sparrows.


I ask often small, everyday wishes from the angels.
Many of them are realized almost immediately.

They can be for example finding a parking place on a busy street in the city,
or finding some specific goods at low prices.

While I was walking,

I was thinking about all kind of wishes I have had during the past years,
and found some of them really funny – in retrospect.

Most of those silly ones had something to do with getting stuff that I like to have.
Consuming, having and getting.

I was ashamed.

I have had all kind of “poor”, egoistic wishes.

To my surprise, angels told me,
that they are always willing to help us,
even though our wishes are not wise
or even helpful for our development as human beings.

They certainly do not help us to do evil deeds,
or to cause harm to ourselves or each other.

But, they don’t judge us and our wishes.

Sometimes I have wished to have a certain bag, and I have found that kind of bag later – really cheaply.
I have wished to find skates in size 41 for my son,
and found a new pair in a right size, when I visited a garage market next day.

So it works.

I’m convinced that each of us can ask angels for help,
with any problem of everyday life, and get it.
Angels help, all we need to do is ask.
I met my neighbour with her dog on my way home.
She smiled at me and I felt that her dog did so too.
A brief conversation with the angels gave me a good feeling.
The forest opened my mind to think, and helped my body to breathe.

I’m thankful,

my everyday walk turned out to be a walk in a magical forest!


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