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Healing Prayers

March 4, 2014


I sought the Lord, and he answered me;
    he delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 34:4


I have been in and out from hospital – as usually.
I’m have a diet with strong antibiotics and I’m waiting for an operation…
So, I could feel down and totally gutted.
But, something has happened,
even though my body is still struggling, I’m not.
– at least mentally or emotionally.


What has happened?

Two things has happened:

First: Our family had a trip to Malaga, Spain.

Second: I have started to pray with an intent and methodical way,

with an aim to cure myself.


Malaga was a really good place for me to visit.


Because of the culture, warmness and food.

Virgin Mary pictures and statues were placed everywhere, in both cities and rural areas.

They were attached to the walls of houses, and they stood on the roadside.
Churches were open for visitors and the religion could be seen in everyday life.
Compared to Scandinavian culture,  I felt like home.

We were driving through the natural parks on mountains.
Sierra Nevada was beautiful, so were the areas between Antequera and Granada.

We visited small villages as Olias and Totalán.
We met a number of local people, they were very friendly and helpful.
We do not speak Spanish and they didn’t speak English,
but with the help of some Italian words we managed to order delicious tapas (dishes),
where ever we went.

And what a fantastic surprise:

I could eat almost everything without allergic reactions!

What a pleasure and relief!


In retrospect,
The biggest relief was based on the fact
that I didn’t have to worry about everything
and that the fear was gone.

– How come?

I do not know, but I have a hunch.

It may be so that trials always take a certain period of time,
they are given to us for a reason
and they last as long as they are intended to do so.

It may also be that an aware and focused praying
can help us to overcome fears and eliminate their causes.


I believe, that there are different types of praying.
I always pray when I paint Saints, Angels and Madonna pictures.
That kind of praying is intensive, aware and communicating.
These prayers are some kind of work prayers,
they are an important and essential part of working with holy pictures.

Then there are some kind of “crying for help”-prayers, as I can see it.
Those prayers can be everything between whispering, asking, shouting or crying for help.

The praying I have been working with lately is something between these two above.

This praying is methodical and intent,
I concentrate on my problem areas as a human being
and ask God to cure all of the obstacles in all layers and levels inside me.

We are promised to get help and our prayers will always be heard:

Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed;
    save me and I will be saved,
    for you are the one I praise.

Jer. 17:14


This kind of praying releases fears – as far I can see it.
I have been doing this for a week, so I’m not an expert, but results are good so far.
So, I’ll continue.


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