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The Angels of Joy

February 7, 2014

pikku rinsessa

My children have helped me to paint.
We are going to create a birthday present to their Dad.

My youngest daughter painted herself as a princess.
She joked and said that she was a princess of joy and happiness.
– How lovely idea!
And actually, she is a joyful and happy person.

She has always been cheerful,
When she is at home, I often hear her delightful laughter.
It is light and compelling.

While she is doing her household chores,
emptying the dishwasher or vacuum cleaning,
I can hear her humming happily.


When she was a baby,
I saw  constantly a number of small angels  around her.
They were not guardian angels,
but some kind of swift and playful little angels.

Actually, they are still accompanying her.


I looked at the painting this morning.
I lifted it on the piano.

I’ve had many days of fever and flu.
With swaying feet,
I stood in front of the painting.

While I looked at the character she had painted,
I saw a group of angels from a distance.

They had a message:

Joy is one of the most important forces in our life.

Joy is a part of our being,
without joy we loose vitality, the force of life.

To be in balance, we need to be playful and happy.

God has created us in His own image (Gen.1: 27)
meaning, that we also are able to create.

We can create better conditions for our everyday life.
In other words, the angels mean that we can ask them to bring us Joy

– into this very moment.

The angels of Joy affirm us, that only a short request,
just a few words,
and they will change our attitude and our circumstances

so that we can experience Joy.


The Angels of Joy will surround us,
They come with a sense of humour,

They’ll make us hum when we are working,
help us to talk friendly to each other,

and laugh together.

Laughing is like a vital massage for heart.


I thank them for the message:

– This is something I have to try!


Dear Angels of Joy,
I ask you, (in the name of Jesus Christ)
to bring me and my family Joy today.

Thank you.


I wish you all a Joyful Day ❤


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