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Visiting the Convent

February 1, 2014

Our Lady of the Rural Culture II
My body rejects the implant.
I went yesterday to pick up some strong antibiotics
and I hope the situation will calm down.

I really don’t want to have an acute surgery.
Thinking about my own body is not good for me.
At least not at this point.
I have been painting instead

and I decided to visit The convent of the Bridgettine sisters  in Djursholm.

What a warm welcome I got!

I met a number of nuns,
and they all told me that they had been praying for me
– every single day!

I thanked them from the bottom of my heart.

This information warmed my mind and brightened my soul
and made tears to rise into my eyes.


I saw in their eyes, that they are interested in my health,
and they care about me.

And really, we are almost complete strangers to each other!


‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’
Matt 22:39


About a week ago, I was wondering  about loving one’s neighbor,
and its actualization within the health care.

I have often felt that I have just been a number in statistics,
or a faceless being, visiting a huge system.

I’m not blaming anyone,
I’m only trying to understand my experiences,

to make sense in this chaos

– mainly because this causes fears and pain.

It’s no news,

that we live in an era of galloping information,
wireless connection,
in an era of rush and hurry:
– but where is the wireless connection to our neighbors?
We meet a lot of people, but not on a deeper level.
We just see plenty of different faces, but no individuals.

All this wireless connection gives us too many people, too much information,
and it is no wonder that we get tired.

It is impossible to digest all the new experiences and all new information,
or even to focus on several new things at the same time.


In contrast,

Praying for others shows caring for a neighbor.

It doesn’t take too much of our energy or time,

sometimes just a minute matters.

And we get so much back.

If you give with the joy of you heart,
you’ll get a tenfold return.


You can feel this kind of love

through the warmness of another’s touch and gaze.

I think that praying for others is very important.

Prayers are a real wireless connection

– between all of us.


We are in any case, in connection with each other,
all of the beings in the natural kingdom.

Positive thoughts and praying makes difference:

they bring purpose,
they bring joy and forgiveness,

they bring balance into our lives.

I’m so thankful
 for all of your positive thoughts and prayers,
Thank You!
God bless you all.

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