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Time for the Blessed Virgin Mary

January 26, 2014

Holy Mary

I pray when I’m driving or working,
when I do my everyday chores.

Last week I visited a some kind of charity store,
a Second Hand shop in the countryside.

I had not planned to to that, but I had a feeling that I should.

It was a late afternoon and they were about to close,
I had about five minutes to look at the items.
I found three paintings, oil paintings,
which were painted on linen fabrics.


There was a wooden bowl among household goods.
When I lifted it on my hands,
I saw a picture,

as it was the Blessed Virgin Mary and the child Jesus at the bottom it.


These goods were quite cheap,
and I had a strong feeling that I had to buy them.
I had a feeling, that I should paint on the oil paintings
and I should create The Holy picture on the wooden bowl.


I started with the wooden bowl.
From the first touch of the brush, the picture came alive.
The painting is not ready yet,
but I can feel the presence of the Holy Mother and Jesus Christ.


It feels as they are staring at me,
as they were following me with their eyes.


This is something my children and their friends tell me now and then:
they claim, that the paintings are alive
and they feel almost uncomfortable in their presence.

It isn’t because of something negative or bad,
it is more that their presence is too intense and powerful:
they feel that they are being watched.

I feel, that we are blessed with their presence.


Lately I have asked several times myself:
Why am I painting all these female figures?

Yesterday I was working with one of the new ones,
and I was told,

that it is because of the balance of energies
– in the whole world.

We are living in times of change,
the masculine energy has been too intensive for a long time.

The message was more complex, but I will come back to it later.


Crucial is, that this is also one of the reasons

for me to paint different type of pictures of Holy Mother.


Still listening:

and praying:

My Queen,

My Mother,

I offer myself entirely to thee.
And to show my devotion to thee,
I offer thee this day,

my eyes, my ears, my mouth,

my heart,
my whole being without reserve.

Wherefore, good Mother,

as I am thine own,

keep me,

guard me as thy property and possession.



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