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The Bread of Life

January 4, 2014


Have been in and out from hospital.

Don’t even want to think about it.

That’s why I choose to focus on other things.


Couple of years ago I painted an Icon for a friend,
to be an instrument of connection

between her and God, some Saint or an Angel.

I always start painting with prayer for total protection and wisdom.


I was directly contacted by a female Saint.
She presented herself as the Holy Maria Teresa.
She was supposed to painted on bark of birch
and the background for this icon should be an old bread basket.
I did so.
I found some birch bark and an used bread basket.
I painted her with oil colours.
While I was painting,
she told me,
that she had been quite ill during her old age,
and her connection to my friend was
the mutual interest in meditation and pastoral care:
purified prayers and helping people in need,
both mental and material.
Birch bark represented clearness in thoughts and prayers,
in connection to God and Christ.
She asked me to write down her message to my friend:

“Faith is the bread of life.
Love is its power.

Faith comes with Trust and Hope
It is true confidence, that all is well.

It is Hope about New, Ever-renewing power,
New grace
– Each and every day.

Bread basket represents everyday faith.

Don’t be afraid.

We can be confident about the presence of Jesus:
In every moment of our own lives.

He is our undergarment,
between the afflicting evil and our skin and soul.

He is our Support, 

Security and Safety.

  Holy Maria Teresa

will guide you in your work,
in pastoral care and meditation.”


In retrospect,

I can see the connection between St. Maria Teresa’s words

and the words in John’s Gospel (6:33-35):


For the bread of God

is he which cometh down from heaven,

and giveth life unto the world.


Then said they unto him,

Lord, evermore give us this bread.


And Jesus said unto them,

I am the bread of life:

he that cometh to me shall never hunger;

and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.

John 6:33-35


I wonder if she is

The Mother Maria Teresa of St. Joseph? :


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