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Accomplishments Doesn´t Help

December 4, 2013

How does the goodness work?

 In what ways does the true faith and trust work in everyday life?
My burden is that I try to run things.
I’m interested in accomplishments.
The goals are important, as are the achievements.
It is possibly a good feature,
to some extent,
but it does not seem to help in the spiritual and religious sense.
Cancer teaches me:
My intention is to heal myself quickly.
I’ve been working out, stretching
and having a healthy diet.
It does not work.
The cancer must be cut out again.
There are new pains waiting for me.
I will never be the same as before again.
– not physically or mentally.
Sometimes God gives us a lesson about
– NOT trying to rule or achieving accomplishments.
Of course,
our actions have to be based on high moral values:
“In the same way,
good deeds are obvious,
and even those that are not obvious cannot remain hidden forever.”
1. Tim. 5:25
But still,
there is no need to try to get everything done perfectly
– always and constantly.
It just wouldn’t make us better persons.
God wants to say
to all of us individually:
You are very important to me,
when making things or doing nothing.
I love you, my child.
and I’ll answer:
I know,
You’ll raise me up:
Josh Groban



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