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Disconnection – or the Balance?

December 2, 2013

The mind or the body – or the Balance?

After the surgery,

I feel asymmetrical.
Sometimes, the various physical sensations are the cause of pain,
sometimes, the pain is purely mental.


From time to time the pain is mentally manageable.

Physical pain can be treated with medication,
sometimes with meditation, or even with will power and positiveness.

As I see it now,
The sheer mental pain is often based on sorrow.

It occurs in situations when we are unable to have control.
In situations,
when we have to accept and tolerate unpleasant things.

In situations,
when we have to accept a failure or bereavement.


These situations feel highly uncomfortable and immutable at the same time.

These occasions make us to feel that we are dealing with our own destiny.

Only our attitude can tell what kind of outcome we are leaning to.


In another occasion I read in Bible (Gal. 5:16)

“So I say,

walk by the Spirit,

and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.”

Today, I would say;

Walk by the Spirit,

and you will not surrender to the sensations of the body and flesh.


That is because, my physical feeling can destroy my mental balance,

and by doing so, it disconnects me both from

body-mental balance and my balance with God.


I see this disconnection as a multilevel problem.

It takes a lot of energy, affects badly my decisions and relationships,

It impairs my ability to work and weakens me spiritually.


I’m dealing my pain with painting.


Currently, I’m planning to put together The Icon for the Bridgettine sisters.

I got a feeling that I should have some kind of wooden background for the icon.

I was driving on the countryside

and wondering what could it be, and where could I find it?

As usually, I “happen to” see a lumber yard.

I park my car beside a horse stable

and I walk across the village  road.

I wonder, if they’ll think I’m completely silly,

when I ask for a piece of old wood,

preferably weathered and grey.

– If they even have that kind of material?


I met a sweet and friendly young man.

He was willing to help,

and not surprised when told him about the idea of the background for the  icon.

He took a saw and I got a piece of lumber, which was laying on the ground, behind the barns.

This wooden piece was a gift to Bridgettine systers.

Thank you.


Meditating with

Secred Gardens’s Silence Speaks


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